*****Effective immediately, we will not be accepting Paypal donations through Chip 'n for Dale and will discontinue daily postings. All future donations and well wishes can be received by notifying Dale and Chris Jarrett directly at Dales Journal*****


"Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.”
Richard Bach

Winners should send their snail mail address to: by Tuesday, August 8 so that prizes can be mailed out no later than August 11, 2006.

Again, we really appreciate your participation in Chip ‘n for Dale.

You have all been wonderful!

Day 1: 6 oz “Roses for You” Roving donated by Janette K……………J. Lynn

Day 2:
Socks that Rock “Highway 30” donated by Janette K,
Think Pink! Watch donated by Juli T. and Lauren L.…..J.Schaefer

Day 3: “Creatures of the Reef” shawl knit and donated by Janette K….Morning Meadows Sundries

Day 4:
Opal “Petticoat” Sock Yarn donated by Jackie C……M. Abraham

Day 5: 1 lb. Purple Merino/Silk Roving donated by Jackie C…….S. Sheppard

Day 6: Mystery Gift donated by Jackie C.…..G. Brandt

Day 7
: Merino/Tencel Sock Yarn “It’s the Berries!” donated by Susan’s SpinningBunny…..C. Raynor

Day 8: Eucalan Wool Wash & Mr. Clean Magic Eraser donated by Janette K…..H. Carnes

Day 9: AMC Movie Passes, a Journal, “Knitting, A Novel” by Anne Bartlett
donated by Jackie C. and Janette K…….D. Perrone

Day 10: “Nature Knitting” donated by Janette K……….C. Todd

Day 11: “Heal My Hands” Gift Pack donated by Claudia D. of Heal My Hands…..K. Hausman

Day 12: Basket fabricated and donated by Melody R, Think Pink! Watch donated by Juli T & Lauren L.…..T. Allen

Day 13:
Creative Moments Scrapbook donated by Joyce L.…..C. Whisman

Day 14: Lithograph and Mickey Mouse Frame donated by Jackie C….. C. Spurgeon

Day 15: Notion’s Jar with Knitting Accessories donated by Jackie C. & Michelle H….
R. Colcord-Durant

Day 16: Bead Amulet Kit donated by Rhonda C…..D. Thompson

Day 17
: Sweater donated by Mary of the Knitting Zone, Ashland Bay Merino "Foxglove" donated by Jackie C.…..J. deLong

Day 18: “The Happy Hooker” donated by the Orlando Knit Wits and Borders,
Alice Starmore “Hebridean” yarn donated by Cydney Y…..Serenity Farms

Day 19: Susan’s Spinning Bunny “Denim” Sock Yarn donated by Janette K….A. Osborne

Day 20: "Knitting Year Round" and "Quick Knits" donated by Jackie C….C. Yerushalni

Day 21: Pottery donated by Linda S, Think Pink! Watch donated by Juli T. and Lauren L….C. Fletcher

Day 22
: “Spinning Yarns and Spinning Tales” donated by Borders/Orlando Knit Wits, Tussah Silk roving donated by Heritage Yarns….M. Harrison

Day 23: Stole knit and donated by Michelle H….. J. Hansen

Day 24: Beaded Chataleine donated by Cindy T, Knitting Totes donated by Michelle H..…..J. Hansen

Day 25
: Boucle Yarn donated by Heritage Yarn…..L. Feldman

Day 26: Peach Handknit Sweater donated by Mary, Knitting Zone,
"Knitting Rules" donated by Borders and the Orlando Knit Wits…..D. Thompson

Day 27: Lantern Moon Origami Bag and “Wendy Knits” donated by
Wendy, Yarns 2 Ewe…P. Howse

Day 28
: Chenille Yarn “Majesty” donated by Heritage Yarns….J. Toia

Day 29: Chenille Yarn “Blueberry Hill” donated by Heritage Yarns.....
V. Polichar

Day 30
: Grape Arbor Shawl knit and donated by J. deL, Think Pink! Watch donated by Juli T. and Lauren L., Cartoon designed and donated by Gregg D. ….N. O’Donnell

We are also pleased to announce the highest bid for the Colinette Stash Pack, generously donated by Wendy, of Yarns 2 Ewe, Inc., was made by D. Brown.
Congratulations and thank you for your generosity!

The Mystery Revealed.....


For those of you who are curious as to what was in the hatbox:


Michelle, of the Orlando Area Knitters and Spinners, fashioned the bead kit. Michelle has a wonderful eye for color and we know whoever wins this will be delighted!

DAY 30 OF 30

************THIS JUST IN!**************

As the end of Chip ‘n for Dale drew near, many people asked if we were planning to continue the blog until Dale was released from the hospital. Janette and I contemplated the idea for some time. After going back and forth - should we, shouldn’t we - we decided 6 pm would be the deadline to make a final decision. We got together over a cup of coffee to wait for 6 pm to come. In an instant everything changed. We got an instant message from Dale, “My counts have gone up! and I will be released from the hospital tomorrow afternoon!”

We are now, along with Dale and Chris, saying our thank you’s and goodbye’s for your support in making Chip‘n for Dale a success!


Dear Friends,
We do feel that you are all our friends now. We are humbled by the outpouring of prayers and support that we have received through the Chip 'n for Dale Fund. Of course the money is greatly needed and deeply appreciated but more importantly the feeling of love and caring that has come from all of you has been close to overwhelming.

We appreciate everyone's good wishes, prayers, good thoughts and wish each of you could receive a really special prize. Hopefully the major outcome will be the remembering of an amazing effort on the part of Jackie and Janette to help a friend and a blessing for you as a caring giver. What a wonderful experience it has been and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Chip 'n For Dale started among a group of fiber friends but seems to have transcended that and blossomed into a world of simply caring people.

We feel one of the reasons why Dale's progress is good is because so many people are praying and caring for us. We truly feel the Lord's presence in this journey. If we can ever help any of you in similar circumstances, please do not hesitate to call on us. Dale's recovery will take approximately a year but there are still many things she can do to help others in need.

Please know your generous contributions will go towards our extra expenses related to this transplant and our heartfelt thanks will be returned to you many times over as these dollars are put to very good use.


Chris and Dale Jarrett


When we decided to start Chip ‘n for Dale, our objective was to help Dale and Chris in what we thought would be a very small way. The outpouring of generosity, compassion and grace from the fiber community, vendors and most of all complete strangers, has been so overwhelming and rewarding for us.

As one very generous yarn store owner said, "The knitting community has been so good to me, it is my pleasure to give back to the knitting community." For all the love, friendship and community service Dale has given, it was time for all of us to give to her.

Dale’s journey is far from over. Please continue sending prayers, get well wishes and monetary donations to

To each and every one of you, a simple thank-you does not convey what we are feeling, but we will say it anyway…Thank you for making Chip ‘n for Dale the success that it is and was!

Jackie and Janette

Day 30 of 30

Today’s offerings are very, very special.

The first Grand Prize is the beautiful Grape Arbor Shawl designed by Wendy Johnson, author of “Wendy Knits.” The shawl was lovingly knit by Jody of the Orlando Knitters and Spinners. The yarn is a beautiful pale mauve which complements the pattern beautifully! It is amazing! Thank you Jody for knitting this lovely shawl for Chip 'n for Dale!

Since Juli and Lauren’s “Think Pink!” watches began our Chip 'n for Dale journey with us, we thought it only fitting that we would end with one of their beautiful watches. Just a reminder, if you are not today’s lucky winner, but you would like to proudly wear (or gift!) a Think Pink watch, you can buy one by emailing Lauren directly, at They are $15 each, and remember, all proceeds are forwarded to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Janette’s son-in-law, Gregg, is a very talented and creative artist. When she approached him about drawing a cartoon as an offering, “something to do with – like sheep” Gregg came up with the following design. He has a terrific sense of humor too!

If you’re wondering how he does it: “I always start my artwork with a blue pencil and a piece of paper. I get the rough sketch done on paper, sometimes in two or three parts. With this drawing, I drew the sheep and the background separate. The next step takes the drawings into the computer. I scan the images and then combine them in Photoshop to make the sheep set into the background. Next I use another computer program to redraw the lines to make them crisp and clean (much like inking a sketch.) Finally, I take the finished drawing and paint it in Corel Painter. For this particular piece, I used acrylics as a base and then blended them with a smooth blending brush. I finished it off with some highlights using an airbrush. After that, it's just sizing and printing!” We love it!!

To everyone who has donated an offering for Chip ‘n for Dale, we couldn’t have done it without you and it has been appreciated more than you know!

Ellen (OAKS) recently commented, “I can’t believe the number of people that have no personal knowledge of Dale, other than a connection through a friend, or a love of knitting (in which case they are only friends we haven’t met yet!) that have opened their hearts and wallets and have been so generous.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Thank you all!!!

We normally would start our day with a quote, however, today we felt it would be more fitting to close with a quote.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom".
Marcel Proust

Day 29 OF 30

"Our Similarities bring us to a common ground; Our Differences allow us to be fascinated by each other."
Tom Robbins

Dear Dale,

I know when I first joined knitting last year and wanted to knit socks as my first project, you all thought I was nuts. But Janette didn’t bat an eye; with her help, we took baby steps and I am now knitting toe-up, lace patterned socks and some intricate lace shawl patterns as well.

Sometimes, I think we are the Odd Couple.....I speak my mind.....Janette holds everything in.....I know how to “work a room”.....Janette never leaves her chair.....but.....we really are very much alike!

We are both from Brooklyn,

We both have 2 children – 1/girl – 1/boy ........

Our girls are the oldest,

Our daughters got married at the same time - Joanie in May and Caryn in February,

Both daughters married men whose last names are first names,

We both love knitting,

We both love to spin,

We both love good fiber,

We both love to spend money on yarn and roving,

We are both dedicated to our families,

We both don't sleep,

We both love animals,

We both spoil our children and animals,

We both have “issues” we deal with on a daily basis,

We both love food and iced coffee,

We also work very well together!


Jackie and Janette

Day 29 Offering

Heritage Yarns has generously donated 2 skeins of chenille yarn (475 yards/skein) in the “Blueberry Hill” colorway.

DAY 28 OF 30

"A single grateful thought toward heaven is the most complete prayer."
Gotthold Lessing

Dear Dale,

We hope that this Sunday brings you as much joy as last!!! In keeping with our Sunday tradition, here are some more well-wishes!

"After reading all of your entries, I went to Dale's blog and read hers. I think all of you are absolutely wonderful! You are my new heroes.".....Deborah

"Hope my little bit helps and Dale grows STRONGER everyday! Blessings."..... Bea

"Thanks for your great efforts and work.".....Sheila

"Hope the fund raising and Dale's treatment is a big success.".....Susan

"Good luck with fundraising.".....Katie

"Always happy to help a fellow knitter.".....Valerie

"I hope everything goes well for her. I'm glad she has friends like you.
Thanks for doing this.".....Laura

"I know how hard it can be to deal with medical problems and their constantly rising costs so I wanted to help Dale and her family.".....Cheryl

Here are some photos of yesterday's knitting group at Barnes and Noble!

Here's Janette sewing together Judy's Dishcloth sweater.

And Judy trying it on to see how it fits.

Ellen is making a blanket out of lovely blue acrylic.

Jody is working on a blanket for her new niece or nephew to be .........

Judy is waiting patiently while Janette finishes the last touches on her that we know it fits properly.........

Mary is working on a lovely pale pink shawl.......

Cindy is working on a beautiful purple top........

Helen is working on a sock.......

Melody is working on a mitten.......

And in between taking pictures, I was working on a Socks that Rock, "Fred Flintstone" toe-up sock.......

All the girls, send you lot of hugs and good wishes!


Jackie and Janette

Day 28 OF 30

Margaret, of Heritage Yarns, has done it again! She has graciously donated 2 skeins (475 yards/skein) of 100% cotton chenille yarn in the “Majesty” color - beautiful blues and reds.

READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We know any knitter would love to own this fabulous Colinette Stash Pack which retails for $225.00 but this price tag may make one hesitate. So.....thanks to the generosity of Wendy, Yarns 2 Ewe, Inc., we are able to offer this kit as a Bid-Offering.

Minimum Reserve: $50.00

Submit your highest bid to: by noon on Monday, July 31. Include your name, email address and maximum bid. No bid received after noon on Monday will be accepted.

The highest bidder will be notified by email Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. EST. Payment must be made to Paypal by noon Tuesday, August 1. Follow the link from

*****Please note, failure of payment by noon, Tuesday, the second highest bidder will be declared the winner.*****

What is a Stash Pak?
A Stash Pack is a selection of 10 skeins of Colinette Yarns, hand-picked by color experts into fabulous Color Families. Make whatever you like or use the enclosed FREE pattern for a super-easy throw, shawl, or scarf.

The selection of colors varies and each Stash Pack is unique. The colorway we are offering is #10, Toffee.

Day 27 of 30

___________________________________________________________________ “I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.”
Vincent Van Gogh

Dear Dale,

For your enjoyment, a different type of knitterly eye-candy:

And for your reading pleasure...

A Year's Spinning


Elizabeth Barrett Browning

He listened at the porch that day,

To hear the wheel go on, and on;

And then it stopped, ran back away,

While through the door he brought the sun:

But now my spinning is all done.

He sat beside me, with an oath

That love ne'er ended, once begun;

I smiled--believing for us both,

What was the truth for only one:

And now my spinning is all done.

My mother cursed me that I heard

A young man's wooing as I spun:

Thanks, cruel mother, for that word--

For I have, since, a harder known!

And now my spinning is all done.

I thought--O God!--my first-born's cry

Both voices to mine ear would drown:

I listened in mine agony--

It was the silence made me groan!

And now my spinning is all done.

Bury me 'twixt my mother's grave,

(Who cursed me on her death-bed lone):

And my dead baby's (God it save!)

Who, not to bless me, would not moan.

And now my spinning is all done.

A stone upon my heart and head,

But no name written on the stone!

Sweet neighbours, whisper low instead,

"This sinner was a loving one--

And now her spinning is all done.

And let the door ajar remain,

In case he should pass by anon;

And leave the wheel out very plain,--

That HE, when passing in the sun,

May see the spinning is all done.


Wendy, of Yarns 2 Ewe, Inc., in Houston has graciously donated a Lantern Moon Origami bag in dark blue and "Wendy Knits."

We can't thank her enough for her generosity!